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By adding this page to our Association’s website, the NPA membership hopes to improve information flow to our important distaff members. And thus, we will all stay better informed. Some of us Pathfinder warriors haven’t quite mastered all the skills (patience) to navigate through our personal (oppositional defiant) computers and we procrastinate going on line to check our NPA news. So, welcome distaff, we need all the help we can get! 

Sadly, we’ve been reminded again of the importance of having regular check-ups with our personal physician. The effects of Agent Orange often lay dormant until late in our lives when the effect of our body’s aging process begins to catch up with us. Early detection is our best hope for continued wellness and long life.

So brothers, listen to your distaff! Enrollment in VA's healthcare system is not necessary to set up a free Agent Orange Registry Health Exam. There are currently 14 different diseases associated with agent orange exposure. So Distaff, go online to Agent Orange-Public Health and find the detailed information your warrior needs to access the health care he deserves. The NPA has lost way too many Pathfinders to Agent Orange related diseases. I know only two veterans that I served with in Viet Nam who are symptom free. Every Viet Nam veteran needs to get an exam, now!

On another note: …Symptoms of PTSD can present more vividly late in life and become more difficult to deny or ignore. Ask yourself if any of the symptoms below are creeping into your life and causing difficulty for you and your distaff. Although officially recognized as an anxiety disorder, depression is a conjoined twin to symptoms of post traumatic stress. It’s time to take inventory bros. 

____Chronic muscle & Joint pain with increased emotional reactivity.

____Increased meta-communication, self-criticism and rationalization.

____Weapons possession, increased sense of tension and vulnerability.

____Obsession on safety and control and demands for perfection.

____Anxiety w/tremors, easily distracted and heightened startle reflex.

____Decreased patience and tolerance, negative responses to stressors.

____Increased defensiveness, vigilance, catastrophic thinking & ETOH.

____Emotionally closed off, fatigue, low energy and poverty of thought.

____Isolation, lack of motivation and drive, hypersomnia, suicide ideation.

____Slot machine flashbacks and vivid dreams, sadness and self-blame.

____Increased paranoia, maladaptive behavior and family enmeshment.

____Generalized anger and irritability with episodic rage.

____Mean and aggressive behavior; suicidal ambivalence, risk taking.

____Arrogance, unrelievable restlessness and compulsive behavior.

____Flight of ideas, poor concentration, disorganized thoughts/behavior.

____”Confined within the dark wing of the castle,” auditory hallucinations.

My brothers, the treatment plan for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t so bad; maybe some stress management techniques, closer management of daily routine, regular physical exercise, nature walks, nutritional awareness, and maybe some therapy and medication for quality of sleep. …Not so bad! But most importantly, talk to your distaff and share your thoughts before making any major decisions.


Page Updated: November 19, 2013