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The U.S. Airborne Pathfinder’s Association originally came about back in early 2000 with the banding together of several former Army Pathfinders.  Prior to joining efforts, these former Pathfinders had frequently been searching the Internet for any information they could find about Airborne Pathfinders.  As they soon discovered, not much was available online, and what little information they discovered, often times was inaccurate or incomplete. 

     Because of this, these Pathfinders decided to create their own websites in dedication to the various Pathfinder units they had served with.  There was a hope that others searching for information about Pathfinders would be drawn to their sites, and thereby given the means to seek out former Pathfinder friends, and maybe even reunite with one another after many years.  There was also a desire to share with the world what it meant to be an Airborne Pathfinder; to share their history.  In time, a unilateral effort was made to create an online meeting ground for all Pathfinders to meet.  It was decided that there should one central location that pulled together any information they discovered about the history of the Airborne Pathfinders, and their role in U.S. military history, so that this information and history could easily be shared with others.  The creation of www.uspathfinders.org had begun.

     Originally, a small group of Pathfinders lead the way and in time, others discovered the website and contributed their efforts and support.  As time went on, more and more Pathfinders continued to discover the website.  Friends having once served together years ago where being reconnected and generations of former and current Pathfinders were uniting for a common purpose.  The small group of men had become an association of Airborne Pathfinders.

    Today, the USAPA has over 100 members from across the country, including several Pathfinder soldiers from other countries that have been trained by the U.S. Pathfinder School at Ft. Benning, GA, or have directly supported U.S. Pathfinder forces.  The rank and file of members includes our forefathers that were part of the original Pathfinder forces, trained and sent into Normandy during World War II.  Our members are made up of veteran Pathfinders from all generations, including those having fought in Vietnam, Iraqi, and ever major conflict or war in between. 

     Our members have contributed greatly to the preservation of the Airborne Pathfinders’ history and have provided information and assistance to groups such as the Airborne & Special Operations Museum at Ft. Bragg, NC, the Wings of Liberty Museum at Ft. Campbell, KY, television presentations by A&E’s History Channel titled Dangerous Missions: Suicide Missions of D-Day and Dangerous Missions: Pathfinders, and even consulted in the creation of the HBO mini-series, The Band of Brothers.  The USAPA has even assisted in the creation and dedication of a custom firearm, hand crafted by C&S, Inc. in honor of all Pathfinders, past and present.

     Today, the mission of the USAPA continues to be one that seeks to not only reunite all former Pathfinders, but to use our members to gather and provide their history, their stories and their great contributions to this country, so that future generations know what it means to be a Pathfinder.  The USAPA hopes to keep our torch burning, and to shine light upon our heritage.  We have always been the first in, and God willing, the last safely out.  This is why we ask you to join us if you have had the honor of serving as a Pathfinder.

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